Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP) worked with the contractors at Melbourne’s Wave Park Lagoon on the installation of a waterproofing system to ensure quality and durability for the long term.

Concrete Protection and Repair Services (CPRS) was engaged to install the reinforced geo-polymer waterproofing membrane while maintaining durability against heavy wave action. The waterproof liner needed to be installed on a stabilised gravel basin substrate covering an area of 22,000 square metres.

RemedyAP’s scope covered verification of the substrate and quality inspection of the subsequent waterproof surface coatings.

RemedyAP provided the interface between the earthwork contractor creating a suitable substrate and the specialist applicator accepting the substrate without requiring remedial works. RemedyAP was tasked with designing quality inspection and test methods acceptable to both parties. By gaining the trust of the two sub-contractors, RemedyAP was able to limit the liability of the owner, URBNSURF Wave Park for any extra costs in the event of any problem.

RemedyAP assisted the design team in framing new inspection techniques to match the demanding challenges of working with alternative combinations of materials and techniques.

Beginning with a simple audit of the surface porosity of gravel-lock, RemedyAP’s terms of engagement were enlarged to provide site verification of the coating application. Their services were also utilised to identify defect repairs and perform field verification tasks.

The application of the waterproofing membrane liner to such a large area required multiple stages of improvement prior to final quality acceptance. RemedyAP performed the quality inspections and subsequently led the project team in executing the necessary improvements to achieve the required quality levels.

Standards referenced for the project included ASTM C1583, ISO 2808, ICRI 310.2 and AS3735.

Project outcomes

1. Detailed work procedures were developed to deal with site specific issues.

2. A well-documented site diary and inspection report was provided to support contractor and manufacturer warranties.