Available from Remco Australia , Thermaguard swimming pool blankets provide efficient insulation of indoor and outdoor pools.

Suitable for private and commercial applications, Thermaguard swimming pool covers measure 6mm thick and have three layers, ensuring retention of heat and preventing evaporation. Due to the low heat transfer, these blankets offer significant savings in heating costs.

The top layer of the Thermaguard swimming pool blanket is manufactured from woven polyester that is coated with polyethylene. The middle layer is manufactured from closed cell polyurethane foam that is PVC coated with pyramid embossing that enables the pool cover to roll up without creases. Both sides of the pool blanket are UV and antibacterial treated.

The stainless steel components of the various roll up devices require minimal maintenance and are long lasting.

Motor assisted rollers are ideal for large pools or lap pools where the swimming pool blankets can be cumbersome and heavy.