Remco Australia  supply multifunctional, durable PoolGuard pool covers that provide pool owners with protection and peace of mind. Constructed from durable cross woven polyester, PoolGuard pool covers are UV treated and PVC coated. PoolGuard pool covers are stabilised by aluminium tubes that span the width of the cover.

PoolGuard pool covers offer the following benefits:

Complete Swimming Pool Safety
PoolGuard pool covers are lockable and make swimming pools completely impenetrable. When fully tensioned, PoolGuard protects children and pets from falling into pools, and is also strong enough to support the weight of an adult.

Complete Waste Protection
When fully tensioned, PoolGuard pool covers provide 100% protection from leaves and other debris, meaning less time spent vacuuming and more time enjoying the pool. PoolGuard sits on the pool coping allowing for quick and easy removal of leaves and debris from the cover surface before retraction. Removal of leaves from PoolGuard can be easily achieved with a broom or blower.

Saves Water, Saves Heat and Eliminates Evaporation
PoolGuard pool covers are effective insulators and will help to retain the heat pumped into pools, saving energy and money. PoolGuard pool covers will also reduce the rate of chemical evaporation from pools, maintaining more consistent chemical readings and ensuring lower water and chemical consumption costs. PoolGuard is a “Smart Approved Watermark” product, effectively eliminating evaporation.

PoolGuard pool covers are easy to operate. Rolling the cover on and off the pool can be completed in minutes by one person. Using the easy rolling mechanism (manual or motorised), PoolGuard pool covers roll up on themselves, ensuring a compact lightweight roll at the end of the pool. The roll can be left stationary or unclipped and relocated if required.

PoolGuard pool covers are attached to the pool at six points, using self-sinking stainless steel connections. This method both prevents injury to children at play around the pool, and does not detract from the appearance of the pool when the cover is removed completely.

PoolGuard pool covers are available in four colours: grey, cream, blue and green.