Poolguard from Remco Australia is a innovative product that incorporates swimming pool cover and safety. Poolguard covers can be used with existing or new swimming pools.
It provides protection to your pool from the elements keeping it clean .Poolguard is made from durable cross woven polyester that is PVC coated and UV treated.

Aluminium tubes are fitted across the width of the cover to help stabilise and strengthen the cover.

This innovative swimming pool cover provides complete safety for all members of the family including pets as it is prevents anyone from falling in and can support the
weight of an adult walking on it.When fully tension PoolGuard Swimming Pool Cover provides 100% protection against leaves and debris. This saves time on cleaning
as the PoolGuard sits on the pool coping enabling leaves to be picked up before the cover is removed, unlike other pool covers where the leaves end up falling back into
the pool.

The state of the art design of the PoolGuard Swimming Pool Cover means that it retains heat and reduces the rate chemicals evaporate, ensuring lower water and chemical consumption.PoolGuard Swimming Pool Covers from Remco Australia are very easy to operate and can be achieve by one person.PoolGuard has an easy rolling mechanism so that it rolls up on its self creating a compact roll at the end of the pool. It can either be left in place at the end of the pool or relocated by unclipping it.

Colour Options:

  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Blue