Hygiene and infection control are generally an integral part of any hospital or clinical environment. However, the current global pandemic has necessitated tougher measures on personal and workplace hygiene. In addition to solutions ranging from hand sanitiser stations in public areas to maintaining high positive pressure values in theatres, these sensitive environments can maximise the use of hands-free hygiene control doors to create a safer space for both staff and patients.

Remax Products offers a specialised range of automatic doors and barrier systems for the healthcare sector, designed for efficient, touch-free and hygienic operation.

Automated doors

Automated Doors

Remax’s automated doors eliminate the touch points required to access various facilities in a hospital, helping establish a higher level of hygiene control. The Remax range of remote-activated hospital doors includes the Movidor high speed doors, Coldshield hospital theatre swing doors, and simple automated sliding doors.

Widely used in the healthcare sector, Movidor automatic rapid roller doors can be fitted with remote activation radars to detect oncoming traffic from set parameters, enabling healthcare workers, hospital beds, trolleys, and other equipment to easily pass through an opening without touching a button for activation.

Remax’s automated swing doors have been used in some of Victoria’s largest hospitals including the Northern Health Hospital and the Warringal Private Hospital.

In addition to manual activation, all swing doors and sliding doors can be fitted with automated openers and touch-free access operators using activation accessories such as the Remax magic switches. Similar to a light switch, the flat, aesthetic pad, which is mounted to the wall, utilises sensors to detect hand movement, allowing the user to go through the door without actually touching any surface.

Pressure-resistant doors

Another mechanism employed in healthcare environments is the use of positive pressure to prevent the flow of air from less sterile areas into more sterile spaces, creating a segregated, contained hygiene area for vulnerable patients. Hospital theatres, for instance, have the air in the room maintained at a higher pressure than in corridors and adjacent areas. Consequently, the access doors to these positive pressure rooms are under a lot of tension, as the room tends to ‘suck’ the doors inwards in a vacuum effect.

Hospital theatre doors from Remax can withstand a high level of positive pressure – their 5000 series range has been tested against 50 Pascals of pressure. Offering both manual and automatic operation options, these efficient and durable doors are made of a tough, non-impregnable polyethylene skin, are impervious to moisture, and retain a clean, hygienic surface throughout the duration of their service life.

Manual door accessory upgrades

Hygiene accessories for hospital doors

Remax offers hospitals the option to upgrade their existing manual doors to increase hygiene control using a range of upgrade accessories from mechanical hold-open assemblies to electrical automated openers. These accessories can be retrofitted to existing doors to increase ease of access and promote greater hygiene control.

If you’re looking for ways to boost hygiene control within your hospital facility, contact Remax’s experienced team of professionals for touch-free door solutions.