A company with strong focus on water storage, conservation and re-use products has been recognised by NSW’s Minister for Western Sydney, Barbara Perry, as an industry innovator and responsible corporate citizen.

Reln Plastics  has won two major categories and Judges Choice Award at the 2008 Western Sydney Industry Awards.

Barbara Perry’s presentation on July 24 celebrated wins including the Global Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Large Business, the Excellence in Innovation Award for Innovative Process or Technology and winner of the overall Judges Choice Award.

Barbara Perry made a special visit to Reln Plastics’ Ingleburn headquarters with partners, judges and sponsors of the 2008 awards (including Parramatta City Council and Sydney Olympic Park Authority) to personally congratulate staff for their win and take a first-hand look at the company’s water capture technology.

“Reln has developed a plastic injection-moulded 2100 litre Slimline Water Tank – the first of its kind in the world. Reln and its management team are clearly at the forefront of technology, said Barbara Perry.

Reln Plastics’ highly regarded Awards recognise Western Sydney businesses and their achievements including commitments to innovation, proven product value and contribution to NSW and Australian Industry.

Reln Plastics received accolades for its innovative Slimline 2100 Water Tank, a 21st century water tank design that is light, strong, elegantly shaped and recyclable. It is sold nationally by hardware and plumbing suppliers.

The team at Reln Plastics manufactures its own lines of domestic and industrial products with applications as diverse as surface water drainage, plumbing, agriculture, aquaculture and gardening.

With the new injection moulding technology, Reln Plastics also provides design and product management for several manufacturers in the packaging, automotive, medical, electronic goods and consumer industries.

Reln Managing Director, Nigel Nattrass, said that while he was immensely proud of the company’s wins at the 2008 Awards, “What I am most proud of are the people at Reln who have made it possible. Each and every member of the company contributes to our success through their commitment to excellence and their dedication to producing the best products on the market.

“Without their talents, experience and consistent great work, our company wouldn’t achieve accolades such as these. Our investment in technology and our team’s expertise have placed Reln at the vanguard of the development of large injection mouldings in Australia,” said Nigel Nattrass.

Having designed and manufactured an injection moulding machine with the capacity to produce up to 120kg of product, Reln Plastics went on to spend 4 years designing and developing the fully injection moulded Slimline 2100 Water Tank.

This innovative technology enables Reln Plastics to mass produce high quality water tanks for the Australian marketplace at a rate of 1 tank every 5 minutes.

“Environmental responsibility has been one of the cornerstones of Reln's development, a policy that becomes even more important with the Australian Government's release of the Green Paper on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme,” said Nigel Nattrass.

All Reln Plastics’ proprietary range of products is made mostly from polypropylene or polyethylene.

Polypropylene and polyethylene have a viable second-life application and are easily sourced from the waste stream.

Unless required by a product's unique specifications, Reln Plastics routinely uses recycled plastic in its products. Reln Plastics’ product development team emphasises environmentally responsible solutions to meet its corporate client's needs.