From city centres to small towns, consumers are seeking out contemporary fireplaces for their new home designs or renovations. Regency Fireplace Products Australia , fireplace, insert and freestanding stove manufacturers, report significant interest in the new Contemporary Collection of fireplaces.

The Regency Contemporary Collection fireplace line is suitable for homeowner, architect and custom builder. According to Matthew Mclean, General Manager, Regency Fireplace Products Australia, there is brisk demand for contemporary fireplaces in remote areas.

The key trademark elements of the Regency Contemporary Collection include: a cobalt blue crystal firescape; optional reflective panels to amplify the appearance of the fire; coloured frames; and a fireplace face without louvers.

The collection can be included in blueprints or added to a home during a remodel. Beyond residential applications, the Contemporary Collection is being included in commercial designs, such as restaurants, hotels and lounges.