Reflective Blinds  produces various types of blinds which offer protection against heat and glare. These reflecting blinds have a surface that reflects the sun's rays. A still air barrier in the blinds reduces the transfer of heat from the hot side to the cooler side. This is an effective insulation method.

Blinds work best with a window and should be placed where maximum sun rays can be reflected back. They are also ideally suited to high wind areas where awnings can't be used. They can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

Reflective blinds reduce solar heat and glare during summer and act as insulators during winter. They also work as a one way mirror during the day, providing privacy. The films used in reflective blinds are thicker than window films and the blinds have been added to the window energy rating scheme. 

Depending on the type of the blind chosen, reflective blinds can be installed by means of screws on top of a window or under the roof or under sky domes. As an optional feature, these blinds can be motorized. Reflective blinds come in a variety of colours, various degrees of reflectivity and light transmission and are also washable.