Reece Showroom Balmain has introduced three new showerheads from Swiss shower specialist, Nikles, each offering a unique, memorable and luxurious showering experience. Reece’s latest survey reveals that the shower is the main feature in customers’ ‘dream’ bathrooms.

The new Nikles LED showerheads, Pearl Luce, Pure Blade and Tronico, are the latest additions to the Reece bathroom range, and reflect Nikles’ continued focus on innovative showerheads and water sprays.

According to Nikles Australia Managing Director, Daniel Nikles, the company uses its experience developed over a quarter of a century to build perfect showers that go beyond good design to also offer great performance.

Setting new benchmarks in technology as well as user experience, the three showerheads, Pearl Luce, Pure Blade and Tronico have each undergone extensive testing in Nikles’ in-house laboratories. Each model offers the right combination of water flow technology, flow control measures and materials, to ensure an ultra satisfying shower experience that is compliant with world leading standards and regulations.

The addition of LED lighting to all three showerheads elevates the showering experience by providing a unique ambience in the shower and the bathroom. The LED lights are powered by in-built water turbines, which act as hydroelectric power plants, providing a steady and powerful supply of power without the need for wiring.

Pearl Luce showers

Designed to provide an invigorating, uplifting shower experience, the Pearl Luce showerhead has been created using state-of-the-art bathroom technology in a unique, perfectly spherical design with the added feature of white LED lights.

Pure Blade LED overhead showers

Featuring a minimalist style, defined by elegant slim lines, the Pure Blade incorporates two different shower sprays to deliver a beautiful showering experience. An overhead rain-style shower is amplified by a unique cascade flow waterspout, with the two shower sprays designed to be used separately or together (depending on the shower mixers). The in-built water turbine powering a white LED light enables the Pure Blade LED to provide users with a full multi-sensory showering experience.

Tronico showers

Inspired by the sensation of the rainforest, the halo-shaped Tronico features a unique void style design and an airy light form to create a calming, soft, voluminous and relaxing shower experience. Very popular in Europe, Tronico is available in three styles: overhead, twin rail and LED overhead.

All three showerheads boast a 3 Star WELS rating and incorporate Nikles’ patented Airdrop technology that enriches every drop of water with pockets of air to offer a soothing showering experience.