Selecting a generator for use in the mining industry is based on the particular application. The most common type of generator used in the mining industry is a 1500rpm fixed speed diesel engine spinning an alternator.  

Based on the application, generators can be classified into standby generators, prime fixed generators and prime mobile generators.  

Standby generators:
Standby generators are typically installed in environments that use a mains power source with the generator being operated only in the event of a blackout. Price is the main selection criteria for a standby application.  

Prime fixed generators:
Prime fixed generators function as the main source of power on site, operating from the same place for most of their lifetime. Common in applications such as quarries and operating mines, these generators are selected on the basis of fuel efficiency as over 90% of their cost of operation is attributed to fuel.  

Prime mobile generators:  
Prime mobile generators are similar to the fixed model in terms of functioning as the main source of power. But these generators are constantly moved around, necessitating a heavy duty frame and canopy.   

Fuel efficiency is again a critical part of the selection criteria. Some mining generators are a common example of prime mobile generators as they are moved around on trucks and cranes.  

Key challenges in generator selection for Australian mine sites:  

  • Maintenance issues concerning generator equipment
  • Compliance with stringent OH&S regulations
  • Product support from generator supplier in terms of technical infrastructure, spare parts availability and repair lead times
  • Profile of the generator supplier and their ability to provide local after sales service, spare parts and technical support
Key points to consider while choosing a generator for the mining industry:  
  • Mining generators are ‘Prime Mobile’ or ‘Prime Fixed’
  • Key selection criteria include fuel efficient engine and robust canopy
  • Preventing light loading issues with fleet generators by selecting highly resilient engines and developing a preventative maintenance program
  • Selecting a generator supplier based on qualifications, experience and local support availability
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