Redstar Equipment offers Denyo’s all-in-one dual operator DC welding plant and AC generator.  

Redstar introduces the Denyo DCW-480ESW to its comprehensive range of welding equipment including industrial diesel welders, generators, industrial and mobile compressors, lighting towers and site fuel tanks.  

The Japanese-built Denyo DCW-480ESW DC welding plant and AC generator offers excellent performance in all types of welding processes including MIG, TIG, stick, flux-cored and gouging.  

Featuring 450 amps at 60% duty cycle, and 15 kilovolt amperes of auxiliary power, these powerful welding machines can handle a wide range of tasks.  

A key advantage of the Denyo DCW-480ESW DC welding plant and AC generator is that the unit can run two operators at the same time with 240 amperes each, eliminating the need to run two machines while cutting diesel costs by half.  

Key features of the Denyo DCW-480ESW DC welding plant and AC generator: 

  • Silenced canopy and excellent fuel economy allows the equipment to be a reliable, quiet and fuel efficient source of power 
  • Versatile machine meets the requirements of any site from the mines to the suburbs 
  • Adjustable arc control allows fine tuning of the welding arc to suit every type of electrode from low hydrogen through to cellulose 
  • Machine is ready for solid wires and flux-cored welding by hooking up a wire feeder 
  • 3-phase output terminal allows the machine to be hard-wired to a site office or workshop as a dependable source of power when needed 
In addition to the welding equipment, Redstar offers complete service solutions including fabrication, equipment customisation and specialist components, plus support ranging from scheduled service and maintenance to engine replacement. Spare parts for all makes and models are also available. 


Redstar’s fabrication department can custom build trailers, site boxes, lead sets and wire feeders to suit any requirement or application and back it up with onsite servicing and technical advice at the workshop or in the field.