Redstar Equipment  introduces the new Denyo DA6000 diesel engine generators designed for soundproof operation.

Denyo’s DA6000SS diesel powered generators offer powerful, energy-efficient, versatile and soundproof performance. Featuring a Kubota engine, the soundproof diesel generators run at a decibel rating of 7m/db (a) 3000 rpm 61db.

Denyo’s soundproof diesel generators achieve exceptionally quiet operation through the use of advanced soundproofing technology. The DA6000SS is built for safety, user-friendly operation and easy maintenance.

A brushless generator with built-in voltage compensating windings and initial voltage winding eliminates the need for an automatic voltage regulator or initial voltage builder for a stable power source.
Key features of Denyo DA-6000SS diesel generators:
  • Newly designed exciter system improves motor starting capability for electrical motors
  • Large side doors allow easy access for daily maintenance
  • Automatic warning and shut-off device for low oil pressure, high water temperature and insufficient charging
  • Equipped with circuit breaker to protect alternator from over-current
  • Air bleeding can be accomplished merely by cranking
  • Registered as an emission-improved construction machine complying with current Japanese and U.S. EPA and CARB regulations
  • Compact and lightweight design thanks to 2-pole alternator and well matched engine
  • Highly efficient alternator and fuel efficient engine enable continuous operation for up to 10 hours at 100% load
  • Optional earth leakage circuit breaker, AC ammeter, frequency meter, automatic slowdown and remote control unit
  • Measures 1140mm L x 650mm W x 795mm H with a dry weight of 239kg