Denyo specialises in the development of a range of portable power sources for construction and maintenance applications with their product range including engine-driven power generators, engine-driven power welders and engine-driven air compressors.

Denyo’s new DCA series of diesel power generators comes with a host of options to suit varying power requirements in different environments.

Some of these options include remote control device, automatic idling device, slowdown device, remote controller, automatic oil lubrication device and automatic fuel replenishment device. Additional options for Denyo DCA Series power generators include reverse power relay, AC power meter, dual-voltage specifications, lubricant temperature gauge, overspeed protection device, keyed fuel tank cap and mounting of muffler flange.

Remote Control Device

The remote control device allows the generator to be remotely changed from low speed to high speed operation, started and stopped, and otherwise controlled, making it useful for locations where the unit is separated by a considerable distance from the place of work.

Key benefits include high fuel and oil savings, extended engine life, and reduction in manpower and energy requirements. The remote control option also helps to improve the worksite environment by minimising noise and exhaust gas discharge levels.

Automatic Idling Device

This device automates warm-up operation when the engine is started. The addition of a remote-control box allows remote changeover between low-speed and high-speed operation.

Slowdown Device

The slowdown function automatically changes to high-speed operation when a load is applied, and to low-speed operation when there is no load. An automatic idling function in this device performs warm-up operation when the engine is started. The addition of a remote-control box allows the engine starting/stopping and automatic idling functions as well as the slowdown function to be operated from a remote location.

Remote Controller

This device allows the engine starting/stopping and automatic idling function to be controlled from a remote location. In addition to a switch for changeover between high-speed and low-speed operation, the remote-control box has a high-speed/ low-speed operation indicator lamp, a start-up warming lamp and a malfunction indicator lamp.

Automatic Oil Lubrication Device

By automatically maintaining engine oil at the proper level, this device allows costs to be reduced for oil-related maintenance, and eliminates the need to check the engine oil level.

Automatic Fuel Replenishment Device

A level sensor detects the drop in the unit tank’s fuel level following an extended period of operation, which triggers an electric pump to automatically replenish fuel from a separate tank.

Salt Corrosion Specifications

These specifications are designed for use of the generator in marine conditions and include treatment to prevent insulation resistance from dropping, and corrosion resistant treatment of the parts.

Three-Phase/ Single-Phase Output Changeover Device

This device facilitates easy changeover between the three-phase and single-phase output modes with the three-phase/ single phase changeover switch in the control panel.

Parallel Operation Device

Various optional devices are available to change from manual parallel operation to the desired type of automatic operation, including manual parallel operation device, automatic load sharing device, automatic parallel operation device and fully automatic parallel operation device.  


Trailers can be fitted to the generators to facilitate on-site movement.

Denyo power generators are available in Australia from Redstar Equipment .