Available now from Redstar Equipment , the Denyo DA6000SS is a world leading diesel powered mobile generator in terms of power, energy efficiency, versatility and quiet operation.

The DA-6000SS diesel powered mobile generator is brushless and features built in voltage compensating windings that eliminate the need for an automatic voltage regulator or initial voltage builder to obtain a stable power source.

The newly designed exciter system on these diesel powered mobile generators improve motor starting capability for electrical motors, and the built in circuit breaker protects the alternator from over current.

An automatic warning and shut off device stops operation of the generator if there is low oil pressure, high water temperature and insufficient charging, and the large side doors allow easy access for maintenance.

DA6000SS diesel powered mobile generators are compact and lightweight thanks to a 2-pole alternator and well matched engine, and the highly efficient alternator and fuel efficient engine enable continuous operation for up to 10 hours at 100% load.

Optional extra's for these mobile diesel generators include:

  • earth leakage circuit breaker
  • AC ammeter
  • frequency meter
  • automatic slowdown; and
  • remote control unit.
The DA6000SS is registered as an emission-improved construction machine complying with both current Japanese and U.S. EPA and CARB regulations.