The IMAGINiT Technologies division of Rand Worldwide has released the 2014 versions of IMAGINiT Clarity, IMAGINiT Clarity LT and IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare, three web-based collaboration tools with new and improved features.

The three distinct software solutions save BIM teams time and effort through improved task automation, collaboration and real-time reporting.

Designed to extend the value of the Autodesk Revit Server platform, IMAGINiT Clarity and Clarity LT enhance control of Revit Server set-up, automate repetitive tasks and securely provide valuable data to non-Revit users.

For architectural, engineering and construction firms that do not use Autodesk Revit Server, IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare improves the traditional file-based work sharing approach and fully automates numerous time-consuming Revit software related tasks.

According to Bob Heeg, executive vice president at IMAGINiT Technologies, the IMAGINiT Clarity product line has their customers covered, regardless of whether their BIM team is using Revit or Revit Server.

Each of these three web-based collaboration tools provides task automation, project reporting, system monitoring and project level security to provide easy sharing of BIM data inside organisations and amongst external partners.

In addition to offering file-based project sharing as well as support for Revit Server 2013 and 2014, IMAGINiT Clarity and Clarity LT have numerous new and improved features. The 2014 version of IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare has also received extensive improvements based largely on customer feedback.

Task Automation

Task automation can be done every time a Revit file is updated, at a scheduled time or on demand. Mundane tasks such as exporting data to Navisworks or DGN file formats or creating ModelReview reports can now be performed on demand, freeing up staff to undertake higher value tasks.

To share model data with team members who don’t use Revit, Clarity products can automatically generate a variety of file export options including PDF, DWF, DWG, IFC, GBxml, FBX and more.


All Clarity products have now greatly extended the capabilities of datasheets to go beyond the popular room data sheets. BIM team members now have almost 20 different data sheet options to choose from including furniture and equipment.

Control that Mimics Business Workflow

Specifically designed to enhance collaboration and reduce time and resources required to complete necessary tasks, the IMAGINiT Clarity products can now assign roles that mimic typical workflows. For example, the BIM coordinator role can now assign tasks while a new view only role can be used by marketing staff who can access, view and share data, but cannot make any changes to the model.

Jason Gardner, BIM manager at Hoefer Wysocki Architects explains that Clarity is helping them with their Government and medical facility projects. Once the model is ready, they are able to easily, quickly and instantaneously get information to their clients and principals, a process that used to take hours to accomplish previously.

Clay Starr, associate at RTKL Associates Inc. Starr comments that they started using IMAGINiT Clarity for a hospital project in South America where they were required to provide datasheets to the client, which was a very time consuming effort. Clarity allowed them to generate over 1,700 room datasheets in a short amount of time.