IMAGINiT Technologies  is a specialist in offering design and engineering solutions for construction business. To support its design and engineering solutions, IMAGINiT Technologies has developed CAD software which increases the return on business investments. CAD software from  IMAGINiT Technologies offers building solutions, civil/geospatial solutions, manufacturing solutions, design visualisation and industrial design solutions. 

CAD software offered by IMAGINiT Technologies includes AutoCAD 2009, which helps in improving business efficiency with its user interface enhancement which decreases the steps involved in reaching a command, thus aids in increasing the over all drafting productivity.

Revit architecture 2009 software from IMAGINiT Technologies helps in offering innovative building design and helps in documentation process. This software automatically incorporates any changes which are made, in all the areas of the project including the model views, schedules, drawing sheets, sections and plans.

AutoCAD civil 3D 2009 software from IMAGINiT Technologies offers designing, surveying, analysing and documentation solutions for civil engineering. Autodesk 3da Max design 2009 software from IMAGINiT Technologies helps in exploring, validating and effectively communicating the creative ideas of the architects and designers. IMAGINiT Technologies also offers Autodesk inventor 2009 software which provides accurate 3D models of the building designs and acts as a foundation for digital prototyping.