Architects, building designers and project builders use the recently released software that reduces risk from litigation and reduces PI insurance premiums. It also improves the quality of design and documentation and furthermore improves work procedures and ultimately company profits.

Now Chisholm Institute students will use the software as part of their education program.

Chisholm Institute Building & Furniture, Department Manager, Geoff McDonough says, "With Risk Manager, students at Chisholm Institute will learn how to obtain a full grasp of the process of drafting project administration in a holistic sense, which will help them once they are out in the industry.

“On top of that, Risk Manager Architecture software will also be an excellent training tool for use in the Diploma of Building Design and Technology from the initial client contact right through to completion and project administration.

“We also feel confident that the students will appreciate the importance of using software such as Risk Manager Architecture in their future practice as architectural draftspeople,” McDonough says.

Developed specifically for the architecture and building design industry, the software takes an individual project through the design and approval process, using a series of formalised procedures and check lists with the support of an ongoing education program.

Risk Manager Architecture director and author Jim Demetriou believes it will assist recently graduated architects and building designers to better manage their projects.

“Those in the building industry without adequate risk management face loss of business, damage to their organisation's reputation, loss of staff and legal fees,” Demetriou says.

“It is wonderful that students are learning how to minimum risk by using Risk Manager Architecture. It is essential that they learn about managing risk as it is an integral part of good business practice and quality management in a design office.

“Through this product they identify and analyse key issues and provide a systematic way of making informed decisions.”

Risk Manager Architecture was developed by Red Gravel Publications .