Recycled Plastic Technology  offers pipe locks, slidegates, fittings and headwalls. The RPT Pipe-Locks have a rubber ring seal with an over-centre locking mechanism and are designed to be fitted to flanged Green Pipes. The RPT Pipe-Locks are simple to fit and are ideal for upstream and downstream and can seal a downstream with up to 1 meter of head pressure.

Recycled Plastic Technology supplies RPT Slidegate which is made of aluminium to provide better durability. The RPT Slidegate provides a complete regulation of water flow and is lightweight and easy to install.

Recycled Plastic Technology supplies a range of fittings which includes Elbows, Angles and ‘T’ Pieces, ‘T’ Piece and Reducer and Combination Lobster.

Recycled Plastic Technology offers RPT Winged Headwalls which are rigid, tough yet lightweight. The RPT small Headwall can fit from 250 millimetres to 450 millimetres culverts and are fitted with a 75 millimetres deep front lip to minimise washout.

RPT Headwalls offers a cost effective solution through ease of handling and minimised OH&S, labour and machinery costs. The RPT Headwalls have an in-built star picket lugs for stabilisation and are available with a standard 250 millimetres Green Pipe hole and indents for other sizes. The RPT Headwalls are easy to cut with a chain saw or jigsaw and can be easily fitted to other pipes.