RCE Stumper is easy to use. Landscapers can use this to go in and grind stumps into the ground with little ground disturbance.

RCE Stumper has a 700mm grinding wheel with 13 re-sharpenable and replaceable carbide bladed teeth that make fast work of any type of stump. All replacement teeth are stocked by Recycle & Composting Equipment.

RCE Stumper has a spring loaded full floating chassis that protects you from putting too much pressure on the unit which ensures maximum efficiency when grinding. If you still try to overload it, it features a bypass circuit so you cannot damage it.

The unit weighs in at 325Kg and is well built. With this unit, you will be able to grind stumps down into the ground with little effort.

With the ease of use and the compactness, you will be able to access the small properties and grind stumps quickly. It can even take down small trees and grind the stump at the same time.

The cutting force regulator prevents overloading of the carbide tipped cutting wheel, ensuring that grinding never stops. The RCE280Stumper can consume a 12-inch (300mm) stump in minutes.

Got a stump that is hard to get at? The RCE280 Stumper can grind stumps within 6-inches of buildings or fences. Once installed on your skid steer, Recycle & Composting Equipment’s RCE280 Stumper can grind a stump anywhere your skid steer can reach.

The RCE280 Stumper requires no electrical connections and uses only standard accessory hydraulics. This product comes in a low flow model and high flow model.