Recycle & Composting Equipment has a range of PTO Stump grinders like the RCE-50 that will grind through even tough stumps with ease. The RCE-50 is a powerful stump cutter in the RCE line-up.

Mounted to the 3-point hitch of any 35 to 100 horsepower tractor, the RCE-50's 860mm cutting wheel makes quick work of stumps, grinding them down to 300mm below ground.

The RCE-50, built for speed power and durability, features single direction cutting for longer bearing and gearbox life. The RCE-50's new heavy-duty rubber shield protects the operator and deflects the debris into a clean mulch pile.

Recycle & Composting Equipment also has the RCE-25. This powerful and durable PTO- driven stump grinder is built to take on even the toughest stumps.

Powered by a 15-35 ho tractor, the RCE-25's 610mm carbide-toothed cutting wheel can whittle away 610mm-tall stumps in a matter of minutes.

The RCE-25's 980 rpm delivers high hub torque enough to grind a 1 meter-diameter stump, into a hole 260mm deep, in minutes. Repositioning the RCE-25 for another pass can also eliminate larger stumps.

The stump grinder's single-directional cutting design creates a more aggressive cutting pattern, quickly chewing through the stump. This design also improves bearing and gearbox life.