Brush Hound brand Flail Mower, available from Recycle & Composting Equipment, is used for general clearing on materials up to 6" (High Flow Version). 0 - 3" with the low flow version.

Brush Hound brand Flail Mower has the ability to clear the brush and chip it to the point that it becomes compost. In a forested area, you can run through the brush and small trees and make them completely disappear. There is no mess left like what you would see when using a Bush Hog style mower.

A flail mower behaves much like a chipper when cutting brush. There are many teeth cutting and grinding so the end product is a fine mulch, not rough cut branches. When running this machine through small trees, the teeth cut the base of the tree and it falls over.

As soon as the teeth hit the tree base, it sucks the tree into the machine and grinds it into mulch. What comes out the back is just a fine mulch.

This is a heavy industrial built mower so care must be exercised when sizing the mower to the skid steer. You should have a machine capable of lifting at least 700Kg.


  • 84" Flail Mower cutting width
  • 96" overall width
  • Weight - 1625 lbs
  • Cutting Height = 0 - 6"
  • Number of knives - 48 HD Flail Knives
  • Capacity 0 - 3" thick material - Standard Flow 20 GPM - 30 GPM
  • Capacity 4" + thick material - Standard Flow 30 GPM - 40 GPM
  • This unit should be mounted to a skid steer with a minimum HP rating of 60 HP
  • Electronically balanced for smooth operation
  • Industry Standard Universal Mount
  • Housing - High Strength Double Liner design with 1/2" end plates
  • Reversible 2 pound flail knives, 400 hr. Average life
  • Adjustable ground roller height control
  • Optional Hammer style knives available