ReCoila Reels  has released new T series of motor driven hose reels and cable reels which are designed and manufactured here in Australia for tough conditions to suit all types of industries and applications.

The ReCoila range of T series reels includes hydraulic motor driven hose reels, electric motor driven hose reels (12/24VDC or 240/415VAC versions) and air motor driven hose reels.

The T series offers hose internal diametres up to 50mm (2") as standard with hose lengths to 80 metres. Larger hose diametres and hose lengths can also be provided as custom built reels.

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia by ReCoila, an Australian manufacturer of hose reels and cable reels for over 28 years, the T series offers a number of definitive features and advantages over the imported hose reels within this category at competitive pricing.

Such features include direct drive gear drive as standard, no chains, hence reducing maintenance and providing a more reliable drive method.

The optional bevel crank rewind can be disengaged when not required hence reducing the typical grinding noise and vibration found in other hose reels where the gear and pinion bevel crank is continually engaged.

The spool pin lock system is solid eliminating spool rotation while the reel is being transported in the case of a vehicle mounted hose reel.

Another feature is the adjustable spool drag friction brake to overcome over-spooling of the hose when de-spooling the hose.

Fluid paths and swivels match or exceed hose diameters to ensure maximum product flow.

T series motor driven hose reels are available as powder coated steel, aluminium or stainless steel construction and are capable of pressures up to 10,000psi.