Recoila Reels, an Australian Manufacturer of hose reels and cable reels, made a significant impact at National Manufacturing week held in Melbourne 22-25 May 2007.

Recoila Reels’ stand design and layout received many compliments from visitors and show organisers alike.

ReCoila displayed some 20 hose reels covering the spectrum of its extensive range including composite construction spring driven hose reels, steel spring driven hose reels, stainless steel hose reels, hand crank hose reels, fire hose reels and motor driven hose reels.

ReCoila staffs were able to offer qualified advice to industrial customers regarding their specific applications for hose reels, including maximising efficiencies and improving workplace safety.

Workplace safety is an important factor for many industries when looking to incorporate hose reels and cable reels in their organisation. Installation of hose reels also offers efficiencies and cost savings to all types of industries.