ReCoila Reels , a long term respected manufacturer of PVC spring rewind hose reels exported globally for many years is now experiencing increased growth in exports of its T series metal construction reels.

The quality of construction, innovative features and price competitiveness is gaining a reputation globally for the ReCoila T series of heavy duty metal construction reels.

ReCoila Reels’ T series hose reels are designed for heavy duty applications such as mining, offshore platforms, marine, fuelling, service vehicle and general heavy industrial applications.

The ReCoila T series hose reels are available in powder coated steel, stainless steel or aluminium construction with pressures available up to 10,000psi and full flow fluid paths up to 50mm (2") and hose lengths to 150m.

Drive methods include hydraulic, electric and pneumatic motor drives as well as hand crank versions. Innovative features include direct drive gear drive eliminating chains and the associated problems whilst providing increased torque.