A safe, efficient, comfortable working environment is something that all employers strive to maintain for their workers. Stray electrical cords pose a common safety hazard in many workshops, warehouses and factories and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 states that electrical cords must be ‘located where they are not likely to be damaged’ and ‘not laid across passageways or accessways’.

Retractable cord reels are an ideal solution as they allow cables to be retracted to the desired length whilst leaving the remaining cable safely stored on the reel.

Australian manufacturer of reels, ReCoila Reels has designed a spring rewind electrical extension cord reel to accommodate 20 metres of cable from 240VAC single phase to 415VAC three phase in varying amperages. The 240VAC spring rewind reels are certified to the electrical standard ANZS3105.

These spring rewind cord reels feature a large drum diameter, minimal coils and heavy duty cables that assist in reducing the electromagnetic field effect that can cause overheating and melt cables, potentially endangering workers. The electrical cable reels feature a solid UV-stabilised polypropylene construction with flame retardant properties offering strength and insulation.

When not in use electrical cables can be neatly and safely stored away in the spring rewind electrical cord reel. This prevents damage to the cables, and in turn prevents electrocution from damaged cables. Efficiency is increased by the cable being easy to find and easy to use, eliminating situations of ‘finding’ the extension cable, allowing workers to get on with their job.