ReCoila Reels , an Australian manufacturer of hose reels for over 25 years has recently developed and supplied an innovative fire fighting hose reel for use by the CFA in Victoria.

ReCoila Reels manufactures considerable numbers of hose reels for fire fighting applications for use by many of the fire fighting authorities around the country, both rural and metropolitan.

An innovative design by ReCoila Reels was able to satisfy a requirement by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) of Victoria for their small tankers.

ReCoila Reels has designed, developed and manufactured a fire fighting hose reel on a swivel base that provided additional flexibility for fast response situations with limited available space on the vehicle.

The hose reel is mounted on a swivel base, such that in its normal position it faces to the rear of the vehicle (mounted to one side of the vehicle). However, if required to be used to the side of the vehicle, the reel can quickly and simply be swiveled 90 degrees.

This innovative design has provided the CFA with additional quick response fire fighting capabilities. ReCoila Reels continues to develop its presence in quality fire fighting hose reels through a combination of quality and innovative efficiency features.