RECOILA new Generation 3 (Gen III) spring rewind PVC hose reels, which are manufactured in Australia, have become a huge success in international markets. ReCoila Reels (formerly Strata) is an Australian manufacturer of PVC hose and cable reels with over 25 years experience.

ReCoila Reels is pleased with the global reception of this new range of reels. They believe they are onto a winner - a range of high quality reels with unsurpassed performance.

The new Gen III range has been well received in countries where quality and performance are just as important as initial purchase price, such as the USA, Europe, UK and Canada, says ReCoila.

According to ReCoila Reels, the Gen III’s design features, reliability, and quality has validated their position globally as the leader in the manufacture of PVC reels.

ReCoila Reels says they will continue to set the standard that others try to emulate – we lead, others follow.

ReCoila Reels was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture PVC spring rewind reels, going back over 25 years ago.

Other manufacturers of this type of reel (PVC construction) have emerged, some in Australia, Europe and in recent years the Chinese.

ReCoila Reels are proud of the quality of their product, what they like to call engineered confidence.

ReCoila Reels has recently come under price pressure, particularly from the Chinese, like many other manufacturers around the world; however they have maintained their focus on product development, quality and reliability, which places them in good stead in global markets, says ReCoila Reels.

ReCoila Reels’ competitiveness comes from the implementation of the most up to date manufacturing technologies, modern plant and equipment and the adoption of the world's best practices psyche among all employees - everyone in the company is dedicated towards excellence.

This approach has been rewarded with ever increasing demand for ReCoila Reels’ Australian made product in global markets.

The company’s reels are designed for industrial applications and have been proven to perform over many years in some of the harshest conditions in the harshest land in the world.

This history of producing a product based on user requirements, led ReCoila Reels to the current Gen III, which can now be appreciated across the globe.