Rebecca Wilke Designs  specialises in producing designs for garments and articles including ceramic mugs and wrapping paper and offers a wide range of ceramic tiles, mosaics, murals and corporate uniforms.

Rebecca Wilke Designs focuses on portraying charismatic fauna and sea life and uses colourful and decorative images in repetitive format in order to produce an excellent fabric design.

Some of the manufactured products from Rebecca Wilke Designs include stunning sarongs, backpacks, t-shirts, polo shirts, singlets, caps, ceramic mugs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, framed picture tiles for the wall and limited edition prints. Rebecca Wilke Designs undertakes all types of commissioned work that comes through the studio with the exception of occasional designs supplied by the customers.

Rebecca Wilke Designs was presented with a number of awards for fabric and placement print designs from the Textile, Footwear and Clothing Organisation, Queensland. At present, Rebecca Wilke Designs produces uniforms for a number of RSL clubs and resorts. Rebecca Wilke Designs has produced an extensive body of artwork which includes mixed medium drawings in pastels, ink and pencil as well as acrylics and gouche paintings.