Now available in Australia from New Zealand based commercial and domestic designer fireplace suppliers, Real Fires , the RF800 gas fireplace is a contemporary unit designed to complement rooms with low ceilings.

The first in the company's range of gas fireplaces to be designed significantly wider than it is high, the RF800 gas fireplace is particularly suited to contemporary homes with lower ceilings and larger living rooms. These gas fireplaces not only provide warmth in winter, but also an aesthetic focal point for communal rooms.

RF800 gas fireplaces are available with all of Real Fires' trim and grate options, as well as fans and electrical on/off controls suitable for existing or new timber frame situations.

Real Fires have a strong reputation for producing high quality, long lasting and stylish fireplaces for both residential and commercial applications. To demonstrate their dedication and committment to a premium product, Real Fires provide a three year warranty on all RF800 gas fireplaces.