The new RBA Group website now allows architects to download BIM (Building Information Modeling) of various products for use in project specification and design.

The RBA Group website will feature the Revit symbol on different product pages to denote that a BIM in the form of an AutoCad Revit file can be downloaded by architects. RBA understands the importance of BIM in the creation of new projects and aims to make available their entire product range in the Revit format (Autodesk).

Key advantages of BIM for architects include access to large amounts of important information that will dramatically increase the cost efficiency of the total project in addition to helping them specify products with environment-friendly credentials to meet green building requirements.

RBA has designed many products that aim to assist architects in reaching their green  goals. For example, the RBA1083-650 is one of the most water efficient taps in the market. The RBA1083-650 BIM will show that it has a 6 star WELS rating with a flow of 1.5L per minute, enabling architects to calculate the water expenditure associated with a commercial bathroom over a nominated period.

RBA Group specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of commercial bathroom products and equipment including toilets, urinals and baby change stations in addition to bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, dispensers and waste bins.