Help your kids stay hydrated at school this year. RBA 's series of commercial, self-closing push button bubblers are easy to operate and vandal resistant.

RBA's range of junior height drinking fountains and bubblers are designed to endure the school environment without compromising aesthetics.

All of RBA's school bubblers incorporate a smooth radius design, eliminating sharp corners, which can cause injury.

Schools and childcare facilities are drawn to the bubblers concealed piping and integral splash-back for hygiene and ease of cleaning, while at the same time the device is water efficient.

Customers are able to select from wall-mounted bubblers and floor-mounted bubblers.

RBA's new disabled code [AS1428.1] compliant bubbler gives schools and childcare facilities the ability to specify an accessible, heavy duty product, without compromising aesthetics.

Refrigerated water is also available in RBA's range of water coolers.