Contura Bathroom Accessories: Hinges do not drop. Lock tumblers do not jam. Soap dispensers do not drip.

RBA's range of Contura stainless steel accessories are designed to suit the requirements of your next high profile, 5 star commercial bathroom project. Contura is easily identified by uniform arcs on all doors and panels.

Contura has consistent corner, edge and flange radiuses which are echoed throughout the design integrated series, allowing the designer to match accessories across the entire project I.E. the soap dispenser matches the toilet roll holder, which matches the paper towel dispenser, which matches the waste bin.

Other features like flush-mounted tumbler locks and precise fit and finish make the product not just practical and hygienic but also aesthetically pleasing.

Designers like the fact that Contura accessories such as the 304 stainless steel give extra strength and durability, which is an ideal match for your washroom requirements.