RBA Group  offers a full range of Koala baby change stations, from wall mounted to countertop models.

The bed surfaces of these baby change stations contain exclusive Microban antimicrobial, which reduces odour-causing bacteria and is resistant to mould growth, helping to maintain hygiene.

RBA’s wall mounted Koala baby change tables include steel-on-steel hinge mechanisms, offering control and support for the user. The choice of different baby change stations allows RBA to cater to all budgets and design requirements. RBA’s stainless steel baby change stations complement modern rooms as well as providing extra degrees of durability and vandal resistance in very high use areas.

RBA’s Koala baby change stations are available in a selection of finishes and applications:

  • Horizontal – Wall Mount 
  • Vertical – Wall Mount 
  • Stainless Steel Finish – Wall Mount or Recessed 
  • Oval or Rectangle 
  • Countertop Surface Mounted 
  • Countertop Recessed 
  • Colour Range
RBA’s Koala baby change stations are supplied with a 5 year warranty.