Rayson Industries  offers an extensive range of burners, grilles and register and exhaust canopies. Flexible ducts, ductwork fittings, Spiroduct and fittings are also available from Rayson Industries.

The range of grilles and registers from Rayson Industries include egg crate material, egg crate grille, egg crate grille with filter, return air filter material, louvre grille with filter, blanking plate, ceiling diffuser with 4 way blow. Register with fixed core, register with removable core, register with curved face, curved blade register, door relief grille made in aluminium, heavy duty floor register made in steel, wall register, neck adaptor, opposed blade damper, stream splitter damper, ceiling diffuser and spring clips are some more grilles and registers available from Rayson Industries.

Rayson Industries supplies a wide range of Riello gas and oil burners. The burners from Rayson Industries are of good quality and possess durability and reliability. RB81-20-02 Press GW Light Oil Burner, RB81-30-01 Press 1G Light Oil Burner, RB81-30-02 Press 2G Light Oil Burner are some of the burners which have a one and two stage operation.

Rayson Industries offers RB80-20-03 Gas 3 Burner, RB80-20-04 Gas 4 Burner, RB80-30-03 Gas 3/2 Burner and RB80-30-04 Gas 4/2 Burner which require single phase electric power supply. Rayson Industries offers gas burners models which require three phase electric power supply. The models are RB80-20-05 Gas 5 Burner, RB80-20-06 Gas 6 Burner, RB80-30-05 Gas 5/2 Burner, RB80-30-06 Gas 6/2 Burner, RB80-30-07 Gas 7/2 Burner and many more. All these burners have a different heat output capacity.