Rayson Industries  offers heating and cooling products which include Spiroduct and fittings, flexible ducts and ductwork fittings. The other heating and cooling products from Rayson Industries are grilles and registers, burners and exhaust canopies.

Rayson Industries offers Spiroduct and fittings which include spirally wound and rigid tubing. The ducting products from Rayson Industries include ductmate angle, ductmate corner, ductmate cleat, ductmate gasket tape, flexible joiner, bolted sleeve, pipe flashing etc. These are available in galvanised and stainless steel. The sizes available from Rayson Industries range from 76 millimetres to 1524 millimetre diameter. Range of bends and fittings are also provided by Rayson Industries.

The wide range of flexible ducts includes FLEXIDUC, RAYFLEX and RAYLAR. FLEXIDUC from Rayson Industries is manufactured with aluminium and is designed specifically for flexible ducting in plain and acoustic applications. RAYFLEX polyester compressible ducting is available with nylon seam locking. RAYLAR offered by Rayson Industries is also a polyester compressible ducting which is a popular duct solution.

Rayson Industries provides a complete range of ductwork fittings which include 'Y' pieces, reducers, plenums, dampers. All these ductwork fittings are available in insulated, steel or plastic materials. Rayson Industries also manufactures customised steel products to provide duct solutions to customers.