Many public locations such as schools, libraries, shopping centres, and hospitals require a Group 1 Fire Rating. A Group 1 Fire Rating (or Class 1) means that the material does not burn, stopping the spread of fire and smoke inside buildings, safeguarding lives and minimising property damage. Considering what type of fire-resistant materials to use early in the design phase is crucial to ensure correct safety standards are met while streamlining the construction.

Group 1 Fire Rated aluminium beams

Group 1 Fire Rated aluminium beams at QLD X-Ray

Raw Inkk is revolutionising the architecture and construction industry by offering printing solutions that meet these stringent Group 1 Fire Rating requirements without compromising on design. 

This is achieved by printing onto a range of Group 1 Fire Rated Materials – from creative murals to realistic printed timber beams. The flexibility of printed products overcomes design restraints that can come with meeting a Group 1 Fire Rated standard.

Group 1 Fire Rated Materials

Our prints have undergone extensive testing on Group 1 fire-rated materials, ensuring that the ink does not compromise the fire resistance. The results show that the material's original fire rating remains unaffected even when printed, as the thickness of the ink is only microns thin (less than 0.01mm), preventing combustion. Printed materials are regarded the same as painted because the fine layer of ink is too thin to burn.

With Raw Inkk's solution, the fusion of safety and aesthetics in fire-resistant design marks an innovative step forward for the architecture and construction industry.

Image: Group 1 Fibre Cement Ceiling with Hoop Pine Print