A Wheelchair Stair Platform Lift from the Platform Lift Company is ideal for transporting one person in a wheelchair up or down stairs.

The lift is fully compliant with AS1735 part 7 and is ideally suited for installation in homes or commercial areas where wheelchair users, or those less mobile, need access to stairs.

All Wheelchair Stair Platform Lifts can be tailored to specific needs. It is easy to install and provides access, value and safety to homes or buildings.

With minimum building works required, a Wheelchair Stair Platform can be installed in existing and new buildings. The wheelchair lift folds up when not in use and only sits 300mm off the wall, leaving clear access to the stairs.

The Wheelchair Stair Platform Lift can be fixed directly to a structural wall or supported by stanchion posts. It is fully automatic and easy to operate, and suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

Controls for the lift are located at both the top and bottom of the stairs. They are designed to operate remotely so no conduits or builders work is required.

The Platform Lift Company’s Wheelchair Stair Platform Lift can be installed on straight or curved staircases with constant or variable gradients. The motor is built into the platform, eliminating the need for a machine room, optimising building space.