The Platform Lift Company recently contributed to the modernisation of the Elim Church in Andover, Hampshire. Originally planted in 1928, a local family of builders erected the previous church building in South Street in 1938-39. In recent years, however, the former building proved to be too small for the growing congregation and the variety of activities provided for the local community.

The need for extra space and modern facilities to accommodate a popular pre-school and parent and toddler groups prompted the commission of a grand renovation project involving the demolition of the old building to be replaced with a new Church.

The new building, now set on two floors, features a spacious room upstairs that provides the perfect environment for children's activities. Also on the  first floor, there is a balcony overlooking the knave that provides additional space for the congregation.

The company was commissioned the task to provide access to first floor by installing a Type A Platform Lift, a high quality platform lift which includes a free-standing enclosure, elegant controls and call-stations.

All extreme edges of the Type A platform have movable safety edges which immediately stop the lift when touched. The speed is limited and the control system of the Type A lift is hold-to-run type. It is equipped with an emergency stop and alarm device.