Platform Lift Company  operates a fully functional Service Department that offers ongoing preventative maintenance services for their complete range of lift products.  

Disabled access platform lifts play a critical role in enabling access, especially in public spaces to people living with disabilities.  

As with any mechanical product incorporating moving working parts, they need to be serviced regularly to ensure their longevity and reliability.  

Up to four million Australians have some form of disability, ranging from wheelchair-bound individuals to people who simply have trouble with mobility due to age or short-term injury.  

Faulty or non-operational platform lifts can deny access to this category of users, which can be distressing and embarrassing for the user as well as the lift owner.  

With government legislation ensuring that access is afforded to everyone in public places, installing access platform lifts is as important as ensuring its longevity and reliability with service and maintenance visits.  

Operating in Australia since October 2006, the Sydney-based Platform Lift Company has installed 200 disabled access platform lifts throughout Australia.    

Their Service Department offers numerous service agreement options effective from the date of installation to meet the budget of most customers.    

While the first year of the platform lift is covered under warranty, the reliability and longevity of the platform lift can be ensured with ongoing service.    

The Service Department also works closely with manufacturers in Sweden, Denmark, UK and Ireland to ensure the supply of parts and keep track of technical changes within the industry so that faults in disabled access platform lifts are resolved as quickly as possible.