Platform Lift Company  has recently expanded their range of platform lifts with the new 2m B-Type vertical platform lift.  

The new 2-metre vertical platform lift is designed to impress with glass side panels and stainless steel finishes.  

Both top and bottom gates can be re-hung after installation and automatic gate openers added if required, making this lift an even more attractive solution for impaired mobility and wheelchair users.  

The design of this vertical platform lift is registered with Work Cover and complies with BCA E.3.6.  

Other features include 1100mm x 1400mm car size, Braille and tactile call buttons as well as light sensors. When selecting disabled platform lifts, it is imperative to choose one with a minimum platform size of 1100mm x 1400mm according to the current legislation.  

The modular aluminium construction uses corrosion resistant materials making the vertical wheelchair lift suitable for internal or external use and ensuring its popularity with architects and specifiers.