Available from Platform Lift Company , platform stair lifts can provide an economical and space saving solution to areas where a vertical lift is not practical. Platform stair lifts can also be custom made to run round curved surfaces and bend round corners.

The Sydney Opera House is a difficult building for disabled persons to fully enjoy, with its tight heritage controls and series of varying levels and curved internal spaces. Platform Lift Company, specialists in disabled and residential home lifts, recently installed two curved stair lifts giving access to the concert halls.

Ms. Jodie De Ruvo, author of Can Do Ability commented, “stairlifts are fantastic as they allow access to areas that wheelchairs cannot reach”. As a wheelchair user she feels they have enhanced her life and are “extremely easy to operate”.

Having the ability to travel through difficult stair areas, including mid landings and corners, opens up more areas of the facility to all patrons. Platform stair lifts are often more economical than vertical risers and can be stored around corners and out of sight, keeping the stairway clear of obstructions.