Platform Lift Company is a specialist provider of disabled access lifts designed for people in the community with disability and limited mobility.  

Given its keen interest in the Rights of People with Disabilities, Platform Lift Company focuses its attention on the education of children with disabilities and their right to access within school buildings and amenities.  

Even at the community level, individuals often do not appreciate the problems associated with disabled/ageing access until they are faced with it themselves or through people they know. Even something as temporary as a broken leg can provide individuals with an insight on access problems within their own homes or in the community as a whole.  

Disabled access lift at the Beach Club Collaroy 

A major refurbishment and renovation at the Beach Club Collaroy incorporated a few modifications designed to cater for people with disabilities. Platform Lift Company installed a disabled access lift to help patrons with disabilities or limited mobility access the upper level of the club.  

The installation of this lift has helped open up a whole new demographic for the club, and has also increased patronage to the club’s upper floor restaurant. The user-friendly disabled access lift is simple to use and aesthetically blends with the club décor.  

Paul Crowley ACCM JP, General Manager of the Beach Club Collaroy comments that the club has received several compliments from their patrons about the enhanced accessibility options, especially to the restaurant since the earlier access was by a large flight of stairs.