Platform Lift Company, a supplier, installer and service provider of platform lifts for disabled access within the commercial and retail sectors is committed to providing excellent customer service to their buyers.  

Having built their reputation by delivering lifts on time and on budget, Platform Lift Company works with their customers throughout the order, delivery and installation process to better serve their clientele.  

Platform Lift Company achieves their customer service objectives through the use of Salesforce CRM, an online web-based customer relationship software package that captures and organises communication and information from current and prospective customers within many departments across the company.  

Complete customer information is entered into the Salesforce from the moment a sales enquiry is received. The information remains in the system till it becomes an order, and is then converted into a sale.  

The Project Management Department has procedures in place managed by Salesforce, which include: 

  • Issuing Order Pack and Deposit invoices 
  • Conducting site specific survey and issuing lift drawing to the customer 
Salesforce continually works in the background by issuing tasks as reminders to various staff members on items that directly affect the order process.  

Once the lift is manufactured and despatched to Australia by sea or air, preparation for the installation commences with task reminders from Salesforce. The customer is continually kept in the loop at all times about their order status and upcoming lift installation.  

Post-installation, Salesforce continues to manage the client by scheduling two free warranty visits in the first 12 months.  

Once the lift is handed over and staff members are trained on the use, all customers receive a Handover Manual consisting of a user manual, instructions on how to service the lift, a copy of the install certification, lift design registration, warranty card, emergency contact details and spare keys.  

Platform Lift Company also registers every lift with Workcover and Worksafe as a complimentary service to customers. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 requires all lifts to be registered in their respective states, which is then renewed annually. Platform Lift company organises the registration paperwork and the first year’s fee free of charge to each customer.