Available from Platform Lift Company, Cama C7 wheelchair stair lifts are ideal for transporting one person in a wheelchair or one person in the sitting position up a flight of stairs. They have been specifically designed to go on stairs that are straight and go in one direction.

C7 wheelchair stair lifts are ideal for installation in existing and new buildings as minimum building works are required, and they can be folded up so they take up minimal area in a building. When not in use, the wheelchair lifts can fold up against the wall and only sit 300mm off the wall. They can be installed on stairs that are inside or outside the building.

A solid wall on one side of the stairs is required, which can be in concrete, core filled block work, double brick, steel and timber. If the wall is in steel or timber the wall must be able to take to the loads of the lift.

If a support wall is not available, the lift can be supported on a steel post at additional cost. The steel posts need to fasten into concrete stairs in most cases, but other materials may be used providing they can handle the lift loads.

Power is required to the lift and is only 1 phase 15 amp. The power can go at the top or bottom of the stairs.

The lift controls sit on the wall at the top and bottom of the stairs. They are battery operated so no conduits are required. The controls use standard 3 x AA batteries and last from 1-3 years. They can be easily replaced by unscrewing the 4 screws on the front face.

As the installation of Cama C7 wheelchair stair lifts requires minimal overall building works they can help reduce the total lift cost considerably.