Platform Lift Company ’s 4M electric platform lift is ideal for internal and external applications up to a maximum of 4 metres and 2 levels or stops.

Compliant with AS 1735.15, 4M electric platform lifts feature a panoramic clear glass swing door with a manual open and auto close door as standard. An auto open and auto close door is optional.

The platform size measures 1480mm x 1100mm and is capable of withstanding up to 410kg as standard or an optional 500kg at speeds of 0.15 m/sec.

4M electric platform lifts do not require a pit and are supplied with a 50mm ramp for easy access.

Lift options include:

  • Shaft colour
  • Glass cladding panels in shaft
  • External weatherproof shaft
  • Full battery operation up to 7 complete journeys
  • Bi-fold doors; and
  • Fully automatic doors