Rain Harvesting  is a company that manufactures a complete range of rain water harvesting products and services. The products from Rain Harvesting include gutter mesh, rain heads, water diverters, rain filters, tank monitors and tank accessories.

Blue Mountain Mesh is the gutter mesh from Rain Harvesting which prevents building up of debris in roof gutters and breeding of mosquitoes in water. This mesh is made of steel, is fire proof and is available in twenty colours. It can be removed and installed again if the gutters have to be replaced.

Rain heads offer a break between the gutter and downpipe so that water flows even if the downpipe is blocked. Leaf Eater is one of the rain heads offered by Rain Harvesting. Made of stainless steel, it helps remove debris by directing the flow of water towards its screen for filtering.

Leaf Beater is also made of steel and has similar features but has a primary screen that can be adjusted according to the intensity of the rainfall. Leaf Catcha is a leaf and debris catcher. It is suited for low rainfall areas and can be mounted under the gutter or mid mounted.

Gutter outlets fit in the underside of the gutter makes it easier for debris to wash out. Filter pits are also available which is used to screen large volume of water. They are available in two sizes with insect proof screen. Optional junk baskets are also offered by Rain Harvesting.