Railsafe has 25 years experience in performing balustrading renovations on behalf strata corporations across Sydney.

Over the years Railsafe has developed a standard operating procedure for dealing with the special circumstances in strata apartments in need of balustrading renovations which has been designed to minimize the inconvenience for residents.

This begins with excellent communications from the outset. A meeting is recommended which is attended by a highly experienced Railsafe representative. During such a meeting the issues and options relating to the proposal for balustrading renovations are explained in detail and residents are encouraged to put their questions and points of view forward.

Once the project is given the go-ahead a single person within Railsafe is appointed as a contact point and any resident with questions or problems arising during the process can call this person any time for clarification.

Railsafe balustrading installers are all professionals with many years experience and are well apprised of the need to treat Unit holders property with respect. Cleanliness and care are top priority with Railsafe.