Radial Timber Sales  offer Vertical Board and Batten, a radially sawn external timber cladding system which may be seen as an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional horizontal cladding systems.

Radially sawn boards are produced by cutting logs into wedges and then re-sawing these wedges to produce back sawn timber cladding boards. Back sawn boards can be identified by the alignment of growth rings, which are basically parallel to the broad face of the board. Board and Batten vertical timber cladding is unseasoned. It is also fine sawn and usually it is supplied in 2 standard widths.

Board and Batten timber is usually sawn from naturally durable regrowth hardwoods such as Silvertop Ash. This timber has Class 2 durability. Other species, including some with Class 1 durability, may also be available for use with this system.