Radial Timber Sales  was formed in 2001 and is presently engaged in the marketing, sales and distribution of radial sawn products. It has proven its active participation in the designing and development of new product ranges including New Deck and Wedge Panel. Radial Timber Sales is situated in South east Melbourne in Dandenong.  For the convenience of customers, the stock is made available in Victorian hardwood external cladding, such as Ship lap or board & batten radcon weatherboards, including decking, screen boards and flooring.

Radial Timber Australia has a wide variety of pending patents and patented ranges. To introduce the Radial technology to China the Radial corporation has a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Research Institute of Wood Industry. Radial Corporation's mission is to deliver its Radial Timber production and timber product technologies throughout the world, in order to provide its customers with quality products.

Most of the products are milled from Plantation victorian hardwoods or native regrowth. Radial sawing technology can produce more timber from small trees. The cutting of sawlogs in a wedge sector is effective and provides more timber than the conventional cutting method.

New deck has proven standards in decking design, to ensure that it only makes quality products. Chemical treatment is not required for the Radial Timber products and, in addition, a smaller amount of energy is required because some products can be supplied without drying before use.