Radially sawn New Deck decking from Radial Timber Sales  represents a new concept in Australian hardwood decking. New Deck decking is profiled from back sawn bevelled edge boards. It has a number of great new features like a domed upper face for shedding water.

New Deck decking is supplied seasoned and is available in a range of widths. New Deck boards are typically sawn from naturally durable regrowth hardwoods, like Silvertop Ash, Southern Mahogany or Yellow Stringybark. Other species, including those with Class 1 durability may also be available on request. Class 1 & 2 timbers are both classed as being suitable for decking, according to Australian Standard AS 080-1693.

Silvertop Ash tends to expand and contract when exposed to the weather and elements. Therefore, it is very important to allow recommended spacing between boards to avoid issues when timber swells due to increased moisture content.

Some surface checking may occur if timber is exposed to the weather and these non structural cracks that are typical in most Australian hardwoods are even more prominent in Silvertop Ash.